Most expensive schools in the world

The Most Expensive Colleges

The schools should be adjusted for every kid in the world looking from the aspect of money. Money shouldn’t be an object, but still there are schools in the world with incredible high prices. The education is very important, although there are nations that suffer because of neglecting education. Investing in education is always beneficial for all sides and not only for business men or financial institution like many think. Higher education is sometimes expensive as there are colleges which require huge costs for joining them. Joining one of the best private schools or one of the most expensive colleges and paying their big costs you get course offerings that rival those at some elite universities, state-of-art facilities, a chance to study with the children of business tycoons and monarchs and counselors with-longstanding ties to the most elite colleges and universities. Of course, this is not affordable for many people as your parents should be very wealthy to be able to pay that amount of money for you to join the desired college.

Below you can find the most expensive schools and colleges in the world that require a big amount of money to join. The total costs include tuition, room, board and fees, and do not include books, clothing and some other items that parents should purchase.

Institute Le Rosey – $99,566 per year

Institute Le Rosey - $99,566 per year

The institute Le Rosey is a private school located in Rolle, Switzerland. It is founded in 1880 and known as “School of Kings” as Le Rosey counts 7 monarchs. The total enrollment is about 400 students in primary and secondary years. They parents pay $99,566 per year which makes it the most expensive school in the world and with that cost, the students study up to four languages, have extensive facilities including 10 tennis courts, have an equestrian center and skateboard park, and one teacher for every five students.

College Alpin International Beau Soleil – $93,158 per year

College Alpin International Beau Soleil - $93,158 per year

College Alpin International Beau Soleil is the most expensive college in the world and it is also located in Switzerland, Villars-sur-Ollon. Its total enrollment is about 180 students, where an average class size is four students only. Since its establishment in 1910, about 50 different nationalities have been represented in the school. This college is mainly for children of European royalty and famous people and it offers a wonderful view of the French Alps, maintaining expeditions to places like Madagascar and lots of other features that regular colleges do not offer.

Sarah Lawrence College – $61,236 per year

Sarah Lawrence College - $61,236 per year

Sarah Lawrence College is the most expensive college in England and one of the most expensive in the world. It is an independent private liberal arts college and it is known for its rigorous academic standards, highly individualized course of study and low student-to-faculty ratio. The total cost required for joining Sarah Lawrence College is $61,236, including $45,900 for tuition, $14,312 for room and board and $1,024 for fees.

St. Albans School – $54,151 per year

St. Albans School - $54,151 per year

This school is named after the first British martyr and is located in Washington D.C. St. Albans School is founded in 1909 by Harriet Lane Johnson and teaches students from the 4th to 12th grades. About 100 faculty members (73 of which have advanced degrees) take care of about 575 students.

Appleby College – $53,911 per year

Appleby College - $53,911 per year

Appleby College is an international school located in Oakville, Ontario in Canada that serves students from 7th to 12th grades. The total costs are big, but for those who don’t need the school’s boarding facilities, the fee is only $35,989 per year. John Guest with help from Sir Byron Edmund Walker established it in 1911 and the total enrollment counts 750 students. School’s benefits are the outdoor education program with fun activities, 22 athletic teams, a successful model United Nation team that completes on the university circuit and others.

Idyllwild Arts Academy – $53,600

Idyllwild Arts Academy - $53,600

Idyllwild Arts Academy is a school that lies in the mountains above Palm Springs in California dating from 1986. The school enrolls 300 students from 9th to 12th grades. To enroll your kid here, you have to pay the high price to your kid start to train in the fields of dance, creative writing, film, music, visual arts and theatre.

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