Prank Call Ideas For Friends That Work Every Time

If you’re bored and want to annoy a friend or a stranger, then making a prank call may be the fun activity you’re looking for. Many of us experimented with making prank calls when we were children. However, as adults, it takes a little more effort to make a prank call work. As long as you’re aware of the fact that making funny prank calls may get you in trouble with the law and as long as you are willing to take the risk, you can make a prank call that annoys and infuriates the person at the other end of the line.

Prank Call Ideas

If you’re looking for some great prank call ideas to play a practical joke on a friend, a neighbor, classmate or a stranger, here’s a list of a few hilarious ideas that work every time!

Prank Call Idea #1

This is a classic prank call idea. Call up the person and ask for a person named Joey. Since there’s no Joey, the answer would be: “You’ve got the wrong number!” Call up the victim several times during the entire week and disguise your voice in diverse accents. After a couple of days, call up the person again and say: “This is Joey. Have you taken any messages for me?” We are sure that the person at the other end of the line would totally want to strangle you with the telephone wire.

Prank Call Idea #2

Call up the victim and pretend to be a phone service engineer. Say that there is a problem with the phone lines and you would want to test the voice quality. Then choose a few stupid or funny phrases and make the person at the other end of the line repeat the same.

Prank Call Idea #3

Call up your chosen victim and say that you are a DJ from the local radio station. Tell him/her that the recording is being played live and ask the victim to answer a few questions in order to win a trip abroad. For this prank, it’s best to prepare a list of funny and naughty questions to embarrass your victim.

Prank Call Idea #4

Call up your victim and pretend you’re calling from a website that has confirmed the bookings ordered by that person. He/she is bound to oppose to any such order, but you will argue and insist for the payment for the goods. Continue calling and insisting upon the delivering the same immediately.

Prank Call Idea #5

Another old, but great prank call idea is the “You called me” prank. Call up your victim and insist that he/she called you. Ask for the victim’s name and say that you will hang up if he/she does not tell you. If the victim argues that you called him/her, counter argue by accusing him/her of calling you. To make the prank even more interesting, call up the victim again and pretend to be annoyed that he/she called you again. Threaten to call the cops and then hang up.

Prank Call Idea #6

Call up your local Chinese restaurant and insist on ordering American fast food and start explaining why they should include it in their menu. Throw a tantrum and the people who work in the restaurant will surely be annoyed.

Prank Call Idea #7

Call up your victim and when that person picks up the phone, get some girl or a woman to say, “Hey.. I have bad news.. I’m pregnant.” This simple but hilarious prank scares the hell out of any listener!

Prank Call Idea #8

Call up one of your male friends and pretend that you’re calling from the Immigration Department at the local airport. Tell your victim that you work in the immigration department and that his wife has just arrived from Bangkok. Ask when he is planning to come get her.

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