Quick Guide to knowing the SMSF Audit Requirements

The most popular thing in Australia, at this moment, is Self Managed Super Fund. The last couple of years the Australian government started supporting the SMSF because it saves a lot of money for the retirement days of its citizen. All SMSF ago through the normal SMSF audit requirements and approved by an official auditor. The audit is set by a law that is under section 35 from the SISA from 1993. Today to carry an audit you need to go through a bunch of SMSF audit requirements, and in this article, we will go through the most important ones.

Retirement days


This is pretty important SMSF audit requirement because all auditors must have finished the course of the audit of SMSFs that is on the same terms with the government’s regulations for training and development. Another thing that auditors need to finish is a least 30 hours of practice in a period of three years so they can receive their licence.

Professional Standards

As a member going through the SMSF audit, you must meet a couple of tasks. For example, They must gain their certificate giving by the professional accounting firm. The next thing is that they need to acquire professional indemnity cover. The next thing you should cover is to have enough supervision while the process is ongoing because even the most experienced auditor can make a mistake.

Cost of Registering

The cost of registration can depend on the current situation with the audit. You need to $103 for the first registration, $51 for renewal and $103 to do the competency tests. Additionally, at complete the standard of the test which is originally set by ASIC, auditors need to reach standard and requirements that are approved by the APES 110 which applies to all auditors regardless of their current ruling status. To be more consistent with the obligations that come from the accounting bodies, the SMSF auditors need to visit around 120 hours of CPD training every three years. These 120 hours are made from 30 hours of a course for superannuation and at least 6 hours of auditing SMSFs.


In the end, managing SMSF auditors can be a chalenging and difficult task. However, with the proper training, you can easily do your precious audits, and continue the high development of your company. Keep your SMSF safe and sound, meaning stable and running, so your days of retirement will be the same.

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