Real Marriage Review

The Truth About Sex, Friendship, and Life Together

Shelves are full of marriage books that reveal the key to happy marriage. Pastor Mark Driscoll and his wife decided to fall in this group and write their own marriage book. What makes Real Marriage different from the pack, is the striking honesty and sheer vulnerability. Together with his wife, Mark reveals even the most personal details of their married life and all the problems they have encountered through the years. The author of Real Marriage invites readers to go deep into their own marriage, and discuss with partners even the most intimate matters. His book Real Marriage: The Truth about Sex, Friendship and Life Together is not a pastor’s diary, yet a guide to healthier and close to perfect marriage. Mark and Grace unveil all of their sexual problems and challenges, not to preach yet to advice on how to make your spouse your best friend and keep it that way. If you want your marriage to be strong as a rock, then be open to your partner about everything including sex-related issues.

Real Marriage

Married or not, Real Marriage is an outstanding book, that will help you understand how marriage truly works with all its faults and goods. Over the years your marriage will be shaken from time to time, but only if both of you are sincere and open the problem will soon be solved. According to Mark, your partner is your friend with whom you need to learn to live as one. That’s what marriage does to people. It forces you to learn about each other even the most intimate desires and faults once the ”honeymoon is over”. The five chapters of Real Marriage discuss love, communication, sex through personal examples that help make your marriage a long-term one. It’s normal to be in and out of marriage, but to always find a mutual language on things both of you like.

The five chapters of Real Marriage share personal experiences and challenges a couple face in a marriage. According to Mark, sexual life is source of many problems that show up later in life. Thus, it is important to be open to your partner on all the sexual things you like, in order to stay faithful to one another. Men especially should take seriously their role in the family as providers, and respect their wives. Real Marriage is an endless resource for veterans also, as you will draw whats good in the book and use in your own personal life. It’s always good to teach from other people’s experiences and avoid passing through the same ones. Mark and Grace addressed to all married couples to face real marriage issues and to believe in the mercy of God. A powerful biblical book that helps heal many marriages that have the same problems.

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