Top 7 real scary ghost videos

Scariest ghost videos ever

The belief in ghosts is widespread, which dates back animism or ancestor worship described in the older literature. Ghosts are generally described as solitary creatures (spirits of dead people) that haunt particular locations, objects or people who were part of their life. So, You Tube is full of scary ghost videos or funny ghosts videos, and people who claim that these videos are totally real. But today, we will not engage in guessing whether these videos are true and convincing or not, but we warn you that there are many scenes in these real scary videos that will literally freeze your blood. Here are the scariest ghost videos ever!

The Gettysburg Ghosts

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is one of the most haunted areas in the world. This video below was taken at the National Military Park, and the family claim that they saw ghost moving in the trees. What makes this video convincing is that back in 1863, during a three day battle more than 7,800 soldiers lost their lives, and thousands of them were disabled and wounded. Therefore there are many ghosts sightings, photos and video recordings from this haunted area, but this video seems most authentic and scary.

Fallen Angel

The filmmakers of this video admitted that this video is fake, but that doesn’t change the fact that is very terrifying.

The Crying Ghost

Apparently this ghost hunter was awakened by mysterious wailing. When he came in his hallway, he saw a ghost of a little girl crying. You decide whether this is real or not!

The Ghost Car

This late night car chase was filmed by the police. The car evades police and drives through a fence with “supernatural speed”. Then for a moment, the ghost car disappears and appears again before the police car. They were able to see just a glimpse of the driver of the car.

The Face in the Mirror

Asian ghost documentaries are one of the scariest, and we don’t know whether this video is real or not, but definitely is one of the most disturbing ghost videos ever.

Dorm Room Ghost Girl

One guy left a video camera on a table in his dorm room and captured a ghost of a girl. Creepy!

Car impound ghost

One woman saw a spirit that floats through the car impound. The ghostly figure was caught on a security camera.

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