Reap the Benefits of Sauna’s Detoxifying Warmth

If you want to clean your body system from all the toxins you collect with time from the elements, making yourself sweating is one way to your goal. This does not mean to go to the gym and workout as hard as you can (of course you can do this as well) but there is another, more peaceful and relaxing way. And we bet we all need a bit of time to relax from this fast and stressful life, right? What we are talking about here is the beauty of sauna, or moreover, the beauty of owning one in your home. Saunas does not offer just warmth, they offer more than that. A time spend in the sauna will help you clean the toxins from your body, promote skin health, ease muscular pains and aches, etc.

infrared sauna

Early days, you needed to go in a beauty salon so you can enjoy the sauna. Fortunately, today you can have a sauna in your home. Installing a home sauna can be a little bit tricky because there are some very important decisions to make. However, if space and budget are not an issue, here is your guide how to install your home sauna and leave the stress behind.

The first step is whether you want to buy a sauna or to build your own. On the market, there are models that are ready to install while other come in a kit form that requires a custom built on the site. You have another choice here, to buy a portable sauna. This way your sauna does not have to be built into one place. When it comes to the price, we cannot discuss which model is more expensive or inexpensive. The price is always determined by the materials, sizes and many other factors.

The heating element. Here is another choice you need to make. Generally, saunas heat the body in two ways. Traditional sauna heats the body using an electric or wood burning heat source with stones. The newer saunas which are infrared use an infrared sauna control box. This device provides individual temperature control for each of the sauna domes. The infrared sauna control box gives you the opportunity to range the temperature from 25°C to 90°C for the sauna domes and 25°C to 60°C for the mat. Also, you can select the time from 0 to 60 minutes with the ability to be adjusted down or up any time you want in 5 minutes increments. Thanks to these advantages and many other, infrared saunas today are one of the most popular models available.

If space is not an issue then you have two choices. To install your sauna indoor or outdoor. Indoor models are definitely the most common, but outdoor models are perfect if you do not have enough indoor space, or you simply want to have your sauna near your pool. There is one disadvantage of outdoor saunas. You will need an extra layer of insulation to stay heat and protect the sauna from the elements.

The size is also an important matter. Select a style that can accommodate a number of people. This means you will not spend your money to heat unused space. Avoid making the sauna’s ceiling too high. Usually, the recommended maximum is 2m.

Speaking of materials, cedar is the most common choice. It resists rot, gives off a pleasant fragrance, does not absorb excess and does not splinter easily. Another great choice of woods to use are spruce and hemlock. For the floor, tile or concrete are great because moisture tends to collect on a wooden floor which leads to bacteria growth.

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