Repairing a Vinyl Tile Floor With Glue

Vinyl flooring offers great value at a lower price. Using vinyl tiles for updating or replacing the surface of your floors is a very popular trend nowadays. The popularity of vinyl tile flooring comes from the fact that it is very durable and it can be installed very easily. It is a water and stain resistant material which means that it is very easy to clean too. You can use it to update or replace the floor of your kitchen, bathroom or even give a chic look to your living room. Vinyl tiles come in many shapes and colours, which makes them a perfect decorating option for your floors. Besides giving your floors a unique look, vinyl tiles are also very practical since any damage can be fixed easily.

Glue vinyl flooring

Chairs and sharp objects are vinyl tiles’ biggest enemy. The material of vinyl tiles can get ripped from the chair’s legs. Dropping a sharp object can damage the material as well. With time vinyl tiles can also peal up or get loosen at the edges. All this can be fixed if you have the right tools.

Choosing a top-quality glue for vinyl flooring is the most important step when replacing or updating the tiles. You can go to your local store or search the internet. Online shops offer different types of glue. Selecting a fibre reinforced glue that is easy to spread will make the repairing process simple yet successful. The glue for vinyl flooring should also have multi-purpose dispersion components which will make it suitable for different types of flooring material. You can use this type of glue on ceramic tiles, wooden floors, metal, over PVC or linoleum coverings etc.

After you have chosen the glue for vinyl flooring, you can begin the repairing process by covering the damaged tile with aluminium foil and warming it up using a clothing iron set to a medium heat. This will soften the vinyl glue which will make it easy for you to remove the tile without damaging it. After a few minutes carefully remove the damaged tile. Afterwards prepare the surface by removing any access glue or pieces of broken tiles. Apply the glue for vinyl flooring on the clean surface and the new tile. The next step is to carefully position the vinyl tile onto the floor. Use a wet towel to remove any excess glue. Put a heavy object on the vinyl tile to keep it flat until the glue dries.

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