Rose Tattoos: Meanings, Variety and Ideas

Roses are exceptional flowers. Because of their beauty, these flowers are liked by people world over. Through rose tattoos, many people flaunt their love for this flower. Apart from loveliness, there are also other attributes of roses, which make them very fascinating. The thorns of a rose are in deep contrast with the innocence that the flower exudes. Seeing a rose, you may feel like grabbing it at once but the thorns on its stem act as a deterrent; they do not let you pluck it easily. Many people love this interpretation so much that they go for rose tattoo ideas having a rose with thorns.

Rose Tattoo Designs

Another attribute is the petals. A single rose can hold numerous petals just as a single human being has a variety of shades to his personality. It is how a rose symbolizes a mysterious personality. Seeing a rose bud, you cannot count the number of petals it has. Similarly, just by looking at a person, you can never know his personality traits. Thus, a budding rose tattoo meaning could be a relationship in its early stages. Alternatively, a full blooming rose would be perfect for a partner whom you know well. Have his/her name tattooed with the flower and dedicate the tattoo to him/her. You will find a host of rose tattoo pictures over the web for inspiration.

High Popularity of Rose Tattoos

Rose Tattoo Ideas

Rose tattoos have always been very popular. The foremost reason is the association of rose with love and positivity. That is why a lot of people get a rose tattoo in the memory of their beloved. For those with unrequited love, rose tattoo designs are filled with sadness. Elements like tears, teary eyes, and broken heart are often inked with the rose. Alternatively, happy and fulfilling love is depicted with a red or pink rose. Such rose tattoo designs feature components like hearts, birds, leaves, several other roses, name of the beloved, rising sun, etc.

Love for the religion is also shown through rose tattoos. Many rose tattoo ideas portray Jesus and Mother Mary with roses. People with spiritual hearts go for rose and angel tattoo designs.

Tribal Rose Tattoo Designs

Tribal roses are a special genre and they look absolutely splendid. As tribal tattoo is all about curvy patterns, a rose could be portrayed in different ways. You could have a rose in the center and have it surrounded by tribal designs. Vines, leaves, rosebuds can all be included in tribal rose tattoo designs and lent ultimate charm. When going for such a design, you will have an option for a monochromatic tattoo or a colorful one. From the tribal rose tattoo pictures, both look splendid and thus, you could choose either.

Rose Tattoos

Rose Tattoos For Men

Roses are widely associated with delicateness and femininity. This is the reason that they have conventionally been popular with women. However, over time, rose tattoos are sought after by men as well. Red color – the first shade that comes to mind when one thinks of roses, is made darker. Heavy black border is given to the flower. Moreover, apart from red, the flower is also depicted in other dark shades such as grey, deep blue, violet, and brown. These colors make the flower blend better with the rough and tough personality of a man. Many men also add other elements like skulls, bones, eagle, and owl to the rose tattoo, which further lend a rugged appeal to the tattoo.


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