Simple Cooktops Online Buying Guide

Lately, it seems like many things have changed when it comes to cooktops, only one thing remains the same – our desire to cook as fast as possible, as safe as possible and to clean the cooktop as easy as possible. Different things work for different people and no cooktop in the world has all the pros and none the cons, it really just depend on what you decide to set as your priority and driving force in your decision making moment. Cooktops nowadays mainly fall in three categories: gas, ceramic and induction. Knowing what you want may not always mean knowing what you need, therefore it is useful to read through this simple guide for buying cooktops online before you start scanning, picking and choosing among different models and sizes.


Electric cooktops

Electric cooktops are the cheapest option out there, but inexpensiveness comes with a price on its own. Saving time isn’t one of the perks of electric cooktops, you have to wait until the modification of heat you want comes to realization. If you do decide to opt for an electric cooktop, at least make sure it’s ceramic so that you can save time on cleaning. Ceramic electric cooktops have a nice, smooth, continuous surface that makes it impossible for food to get trapped and make it difficult for you to scrub it off.

Gas Cooktop

These cooktops provide instant alteration of heat, a characteristic that passionate cooks love. They are somewhat energy-efficient and come in many designs and finishes, chiefly glass, stainless steel and enamel. The only minor disadvantage is the difficulty of their installation, however, it’s not something you do every day, therefore, as many other household items take up energy and time to get them started, once you’re done with that process, you can start enjoying the endless benefits of gas cooking. When it comes to cleaning, they don’t give you too much trouble and regarding control during cooking, they are certainly the best for you can actually visualize the modifications you’re making to the level of heat.

Induction Cooktops

If it wasn’t for their expensiveness and the inability to cook with any kind of cookware once you bring induction in your kitchen, these cookwares would have been all pros and no cons. However, if you are willing to pay more and invest in some new cookware too, these cooktops are the fastest, the most energy-efficient and the safest of them all. They operate through magnet that heats only the cookware, the rest of the surface stays cool, therefore even if food finds its way out of the cookware, it won’t be stuck to the surface, therefore – induction cookwares are also the best choice regarding cleaning.

Once you decide which of the three categories of cooktops suits your basic needs best, you can complete the process of choosing by looking at different models of cooktops online and even incorporate the aesthetic aspect in the final decision.

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