Smart Ways to Choose Towel Rails

If you are not very familiar with towel rails, there are certain aspects you should have in mind when looking for the right ones for your home. Although towel rails as we know them today, appeared in the last decades of the previous century, we might suppose their concept was created with the introduction of radiator heating systems to the house. Just think, with towel rails you never again have to cover up in a cold towel after showering. Not only you can dry towels, but you can use towel rails for drying your clothes as well.

Thanks to their advantages, towel rails are becoming very important for the households lately (and there are even towel rails designed for kitchens too). But not all towel rails are the same; it is not a one-size-fits-all concept. To make a smart towel rails online purchase, you should have in mind certain things, such as the type, size, shape and price.

Towel Rails

Prior to buying, you have to know the types of towel rails. There are electric and hydronic towel rails which differ in the way they function, as we might guess from their names. The electric are connected to the electrical system of the home, while the hydronic are connected to the heating system and require hot water to produce warmth. Even though electric towel rails do not waste much electricity, it is best to add a timer so you only use the rail only when needed.

When speaking of size, you have to consider the size of the towel rail and the size of your bathroom (or kitchen) respectively. A smaller room means you will require a smaller rail. It also depends on your preference; if you want to have more items dried at the same time then you should buy a bigger rail. On the plus side, towel rails can affect the heating of the room (however this is not main reason for their creation). A small bathroom can easily be warmed up even with a small towel rail, which could be a good solution for those who want to save on heating.

Shape, much like size, can differ regarding the space you need for the towel rail. Shape is also related to style. If you are more into simplicity, you can find rails with a minimalist shape. Usually, rails with chrome finish have that look. If you are into some more freedom with the shape and style, you can go for an edgier look.

Last but not least, the price. The money you are willing to spend on a towel rail can greatly affect your choice. Based on this you can make up your mind for economic or designer rails. Lucky for you there are plenty of towel rails online you can choose from that would add to the comfort and warmth of your home (or better said – towels).

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