Steel Fabricators Safety Tips

Working in steel fabrication is a complicated and dangerous job. It involves continual use of and exposure to heavy-duty machinery and sharp, heavy and rapidly moving pieces of metal. To protect yourself from possible injuries or death, there are many safety measures you should take when dealing with the fabrication of steel, particularly sheet metal. These suggestions would be recommended by any steel company like Metro Steel fabricators:

Steel Fabricators Safety Tips

Clothing and Safety Gear

As you know, any job working with large pieces of machinery involves wearing proper clothing. Sheet metal fabrication uses large machines that pull slabs of metal through, as it could be really easy to get yourself caught in the moving parts if you don’t take precautions. That means, no jewelry or overly loose clothing, because this could get stuck in the machinery and end up pulling you through.

Plus, safety goggles and heavy-duty gloves are a necessity. Sheet metal fabrication involves lots of cutting and welding of metal, which frequently throws sparks or scraps around the work area. You must protect your eyes from flying debris which is always happening. Also, because the metal is cut and fabricated at various stages, it can turn both amazingly sharp and hot. Wearing the proper heat and cut resistant gloves is a must so that you will not only keep all your fingers, but avoid getting burns from the newly cut pieces of metal flying off the machines. Any steel company like Metro Steel fabricators will tell you that these suggestions are all essential.

Keep in Shape

Sheet metal is heavy, even stainless steel sheet metal. Regardless of the size it is very heavy. Fabrication of pieces like this necessitates using a lot of physical strength and good technique. You need to always be alert to avoid injuring yourself. You have to be careful to correctly lift large pieces of metal, using your legs and not your back to avoid a rupture, or injury to your back. An industrial-grade pair of worker’s boots is a must in these situations, because if you mistakenly drop a heavy piece of sheet metal on your foot, it can cause severe and lasting injury.

Don’t force yourself to lift something that you know is too heavy for you to handle, stainless steel sheet metal perhaps. To comply with proper safety measures, all metal fabrication shops must have some type of mechanical lifting device for those pieces of metal which just can’t be lifted by a person. Make use of these devices. It doesn’t make sense to hurt you trying to do something an individual shouldn’t be doing when there’s a machine available to accomplish the task.


Make it short and sweet. Always take proper care of your tools. Sometimes the end stages of sheet metal fabrication necessitate the use of handheld and hand-operated tools, rather than large automated pieces of machinery. These tools are normally metal shears or grinders, used to finish the edges of individual sheets of metal. For your own sake, keep these tools in excellent condition at all times.

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