Natural Sweeteners

A Guide to Natural Sweeteners

When it comes to natural sweeteners the biggest question is: Is it really good for you? According to numerous researches yes, they are. But…

Industrial Deafness

What Is Industrial Deafness

In the area of job related injuries, the term industrial deafness is quite common, especially in industries where working with loud noises is hard…

Invisible hearing aids

Invisible Hearing Aids Review

Just like any other technology today, hearing aid technology has advanced a lot. Invisible In The Canal (IIC) hearing aids or also known as…


Commonly Abused Drugs And Their Effects

Drugs are chemical substances that have known biological effects on humans and animals. Psychoactive drugs affect the function of the nervous system, altering perception,…

Spring Clean Your Diet

Ways to Spring Clean Your Diet

Spring is here are summer is right around the corner. That means heading to the beach and bearing it all in a swimming suit….

Foods to avoid before sex

Top 5 foods to avoid before sex

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Fruit yogurt

7 Healthy snacks for weight loss

Since dealing with weight has become a major concern of most advanced economies, snacks are considered as unhealthy habit of people who have problems…

Many great uses for tea tree oil

Many great uses for tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an essential oil which is derived from the leaves of the tree Melaleuca alternifolia, which grows in Australia. Melaleuca alternifolia…