The Automotive Exhaust System Explained – from Flange Plates to Mufflers

An exhaust system is just a few connected pipes that allow for the exhaust gases to exit the engine from the back of the car. Because the fuel is burned in the engine, fumes are the final result. These fumes can be quite dangerous to us and to everything around us. With the gases passing through the exhaust system they are filtered. This way, they exit the car without doing so much harm to nature. If a car is made without an exhaust system the deadly gases will get inside the cabin of the car. They are a safety measure to avoid suffocation.

flange plate

The exhaust manifold combines all of the pipes that exit the engine into one pipe. Catalytic converters are the part of the exhaust that neutralises the deadly gases. They convert the hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide into water vapour and carbon dioxide, which aren’t harmful at all. The muffler is the part that silences the noise from the exhaust. The combustion process that is going on in the engine creates a lot of noise. This way your vehicle is much quieter and you won’t be bothering anyone with the sound. Newer mufflers even use fibreglass to cancel out the noise even more. The exhaust pipe is between the all of the parts that are mentioned above. The gases passes through the pipe to exit the engine. A flange plate is a part that sits that between the connecting parts. There are a few of them and they are one of the most important car parts, as they don’t allow for the toxic gases to leak. With a few quality flange plates, you will be able to increase efficiency and maximise the harmful effect that cars have on nature.

By purchasing an after market exhaust, complete with everything from a flange plate to a quality muffler, you will also receive a lot of benefits. The first one is quite obvious, you get a lot more power out of your vehicle. By increasing the fuel efficiency of your car, a new exhaust system will make it so that you need less gas to go faster. This way you will save a lot more money. You will also add some horsepower to your vehicle. It doesn’t compare to something such as a turbocharger. But, when you need more power for a lower budget, it’s perfect. Aftermarket exhaust are much better than the stock ones because they are made with a mandrel bent. This means that there are no restrictions for the fumes to exit.

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