The Sugar, Spice & Everything of Great Living Room Design

Putting together a cosy and beautiful living room is all about achieving that perfect balance of functionality and style while paying special attention to the details that make every home feel comfortable and welcoming like personal touches in the from of picture frames, paintings and other décor bits and pieces. All this is not that difficult as it might sound with a dose of creativity you can design a space that looks and feels like home. But to make your living space really stand out there are a few simple décor tricks that can instantly beautify your house and add that touch of sophisticated elegance- a signature look of well-designed homes.

contemporary table

Before you dive into the world of designer magic there some things you should consider first. Determine how much you have to work with and for what will the room be used most of the time, whether that be for relaxing, welcoming guests or entertainment. To make everything much easier it’s important to decide on a particular style that complements your interiors and of course reflects your specific taste and personality. This way you will ensure your space has a cohesive look with unique aesthetics. Once you’ve figure out what style would work best with your available space its time to get started with your design project. Let’s take a look at some key designer tricks for creating a charming living room with timeless beauty that would never go out of style.

Simplicity at its finest

A cluttered space with too many accessories not only looks disorganized but totally unappealing as well. A living room that has a simple layout where every element gets the chance to shine would be much more sophisticated and chic. This can easily be achieved with a few stylish furniture pieces adorned with details that evoke wonderful memories and have priceless sentimental value. Simply create a cosy seating arrangement with a couple of armchairs, a sofa along with a nice contemporary table and you’ve got yourself a wonderful nook for relaxing after a busy day, having fun conversations with your friends with a warm cup of coffee and enjoying movie nights with your family.

Add a dose of luxury

With just a few smartly arranged elements you can instantly add a dose of luxury to the space and enhance the design of your furniture. A stylish vase in an unusual shape, for instance, can make your contemporary table much more elegant and unique. You can also adorn your sofa with a some plush cotton pillows add instant cosiness and style. But nothing brings the feeling of luxury as a nice piece of art combined with a golden or sliver-framed mirror that can transform your walls from plan and boring into chic features of your interior design.

Pick an eye-catching colour palette

You should never understater the power of colour when designing any area in the house and as the heart of the home the living room needs special attention when choosing a colour palette. The right colours can make the space look well put-together and highlight the best features of your interior design. The easiest way to create an eye-catching colour palette is by sticking to three nuances- two main ones for the large pieces in the room such as tables, sofa, chairs, rug and an accent colour for your decorative accessories.

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