Things All Successful People Do

When you scroll down on the home page of your Instagram profile and look at the photos of the famous characters you follow, you instantly get tortured by thoughts: “how are they so successful, and I’m not?” You aren’t that different from them, you’re human, capable to work, smart and overall normal.

Successful People

So what if you don’t have that much education or training? Most of them didn’t start with much in their arsenal. Did they all go to hypnotherapy at a famous David Copperfield that performed some magic on them and now everything they touch turns into a golden trend? No my friends, no David Copperfield,no hypnotherapy, no magic here. It’s all in your heads. Those confused, little brains that are trapped by the fear of failure:

1. “ I go to work because I have to.”

“You don’t need to do what you love, but you need to love what you do”. So no, you should never go to work just because you have to, but because you want to! Everyday should be THE day when you’re going to do something different to prosper in your workplace, the day that will present a new work challenge in front of you, a day that will tease you before it gives you its best just like a lover teases a desiring man. You should look at your job as a challenge that will work your mind, not as the boring eight hours of torture.

2. “ I’ll do that, I’ll also go there, see this and that…”

And eventually you forget what was your primary goal. There’s a characteristic that a lot of people know it exists, but only a few actually possess it. And those few are the successful ones. It’s called focus. In theory, focusing is extremely easy; there’s no philosophy in it. But in practice, a very small fraction of people are ready to start looking like a horse; straight! Only your goal is in front of you and everything else like treats, occasional pleasures, dangers and similar, simply doesn’t exist. So, focus on what you want, and avoid, literally avoid, everything that’s not on your driveway.

3. “ I didn’t get that promotion because society fancies people with loud names”

Is that your excuse? Really, that lame and old-fashioned? Only in some remote places on Earth where technology and overall evolution still hasn’t been introduced, this excuse can make sense and be justified. No one wants an employee that smiles and is entertaining and stupid as a piece of wood to be on charge of bringing money to the company. As simple as that. So, work hard, and if you still don’t get it, work harder.

4. “This YEAR, I’m going to get the promotion.”

See the capital letters here? That’s your mistake. ‘This year’ is not a concrete deadline, and can be forgotten as soon as the next day. No, you’re going to focus on getting the promotion every single day, and that will be your daily goal until you get it. Setting daily goals is much easier than long-term goals, since it’s much easier to get them done. Great success comes in small portions.

5. “I’d rather keep my save income than risk opening my own company”

And you decided to keep the car on the parking lot. Great. You ain’t going anywhere with that attitude. Every time you choose the save parking lot instead of enjoying a wild ride, you prove to yourself that you’re more willing to lose than take the risk and see what happens. And if you go deeper in this, once you’re comfortable losing, why not take the ride anyway? Risk. In most cases, it’s worth it.

These are just few examples of how your mindset determines your level of success in life. I know it’s hard to change old thoughts but you have to try. Hypnotherapy may not hypnotize you into being the successful person you want to be, but it can erase some negativity from that mindset.


Goran Nikolov is a content writer of Protista, a website where you can find a lot of interesting lists. He is from Macedonia and has a passion to write lists about everything that surrounds him, especially about sports, health, music, technology and history. Goran loves to play basketball in his free time, enjoys playing on his guitar and sharing his thoughts with others.