This Year’s Hot Bedroom Furniture Designs To Spot

Once we welcome the New Year and shake away the holiday blues, it’s time to take a look at the design trends that will mark 2016. Since bedroom is a place where your personal taste and style are mainly present, you can find that perfect balance between what is ‘in’ this year and what you love, in order to create a tranquil and chic bedroom.

Hot Bedroom Furniture Designs

If we look back, the 2015 trend is similar to the today’s one, so at the end what really matters are your personal preferences and style. Speaking of which, when decorating your bedroom look for bed furniture and bedroom details that will create the elusive balance between the modern and the timeless.

2016 offers something for everyone! From bedrooms that give a grand visual effect to those that offer the perfect tranquil retreat. What you really need to take into account when creating your own bedroom is to follow your personal taste when you buy bed furniture or other furniture pieces.

Mid-Century Modern Look

Midcentury modern designs are back in fashion couple of years ago. Midcentury piece of furniture nowadays, can really elevate the appeal of its interior. 2016 will be all about shaping the bedroom with iconic Midcentury décor. Combined with some modern touche ups, Midcentury décor will set the tone with its simple and clean lines coupled with some bold colours. Except the furniture pieces, you can spice up things in bedroom and add a Midcentury touch by applying a beautiful wallpaper on one of your bedroom walls.

While the retro magic finds its way into our home’s interior design in the form of Midcentury style, make sure you don’t forget to combine it with the unique modern design. Perfectly combining these two styles is the key to achieving the ideal balance.

Reinvent Antique And Rustic Looks

For those who don’t know, copper is becoming the most popular metallic accent when it comes to 2016 kitchen trends. Besides in kitchen. Copper finds its way into the bedroom designs as well. For example, metallic additions with golden hues into the bedroom means that 2016 is the time experiment with the rustic style in your bedroom. Once again, remember to combine both modern and rustic elements instead of fully committing to one style. Believe us that nothing beats the elegantly organized bedroom with rustic flavour.

Bold, Rich Hues

If bright colours were popular the last few years, this year expect for the embrace of rich and vibrant hues in a more fancy way when it comes to bedroom colour palettes. This year the deep red colour, luxurious purples, dark greens and luxurious yellows are preferred ahead of the simple white and dull beige even in the bedroom. This year be prepared to take a risk and paint your bedroom in some of the aforementioned colours.

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