Tips for Making the Most of Your Available Space

Living in a studio apartment can be both a bless and a struggle. Keeping your small home in the urban environment clean and organized is usually a piece of cake, but the tricky part is making the most of the available space, without creating a living space that looks crowded and makes you feel claustrophobic. Before we got married, my husband and I lived in a studio apartment in Melbourne. Although I love my spacious family home, I must admit that I miss those times when my husband and would curl up together in our lovely studio and watch our favourite TV show Friends with a big bag of popcorn a plate of my home-made chocolate cookies. Ah, thinking about all the wonderful memories spent there makes me miss our studio apartment even more. The most challenging aspect of living in a small space is getting that perfect balance of comfort and function.

Room Separators

When I started designing my studio the first thing I did was create a smart floor plan. I remember my husband and I spent quite some time figuring out the best way to make the most of the limited floor space. With only one room to decorate distinguishing the bedroom from the kitchen/dining area was the hardest part. We needed something that would create privacy and help us organize our home. Room separators are the best solution for effectively dividing studio apartments. We got one large separator made from solid timer that basically served as a foldable wall between our bedroom and kitchen. We found a use for the foldable divider in our large house as well. My husband and I are both avid readers, so we use it to make a private reading area in the living room.

Using room separators to maximize space and create privacy is the best tip I can give to studio apartment dwellers. You can use them to create multiple small areas for sleeping, cooking and hosting guests, thus keeping your studio well-organized. For the sake of you enjoying your studio to the fullest, besides the privacy trick with room dividers, I’ve put together some other tips for effectively designing small spaces.

Let the sunshine in

Few things can ruin the interior design of your apartment as poor lighting. The best way to visually expand small spaces is through the use of natural lightning. Avoid dressing up your windows with heavy curtains or drapes, instead opt for light-flittering curtains or blinds that would let in lots of natural light and brighten up the space. To illuminate your studio at night you would want something stylish, durable and easy to install. While floor lamps look chic and provide bright illumination, they also take up floor space and aren’t the most practical choice for small apartments. Instead opt for wall lights that have a compact design and can easily light up your entire studio after sunset.

Create flow

What could be more annoying than tripping over your sofa every time you want to go to the kitchen and I know from personal experience that this can be an every-day struggle when living in a studio. Making small yet clear pathways for walking around your apartment is the best way to create flow in a small living space. In this case it’s important to consider the floor plan of your apartment and arrange your furniture in a way that allows you to move through your studio with ease. Clear pathways make your living space all the more inviting and add function and comfort at the same time.

Smart selection of furniture

Who doesn’t appreciate the convenience of multi-purpose furniture pieces and in a small living space, such as a studio these can be a true blessing. Any kind of furniture that can have a double function would make your apartment all the more organized and comfortable. Sofa beds are the ideal example of flexible multi-purpose furniture. They can serve as comfortable seating area for your guests during the day and transform into a comfortable bed at night. Pair your sofa bed with a coffee table with drawers and you’ve got yourself a highly functional area for both lounging and sleeping. The drawers provide extra storage space, while the table top can be a great place for adding a few décor details, such as a vase of flowers, a tray with candles or picture frames that would further enhance the interior design of your studio apartment.

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