Tips On Choosing Outdoor Lounge Furniture

The Australian weather is great for spending time outdoor during the whole year, so people who need to buy new outdoor furniture need to put a great effort in the choice. Spending more time outside require investing in quality and durable furniture that will withstand all the elements and will be able to last for years. Buying durable outdoor lounge furniture is challenging because of the wide range available on the market but following this simple tips will help you choose durable furniture that will provide you with lot of relaxing hours.

Outdoor lounge furniture

Select weatherproof furniture for your outdoor area

Outdoor furniture can be made of a wide array of materials including wood, plastic, wicker, metal. So it is important to choose pieces that can withstand the elements. Wood is a material that can rot and weaken from moisture. So if this is your proffered choice consider of furniture made with treated wood or varieties that are weatherproof such as teak. Metals can corrode from holding moisture. Plastic is not affected by moisture but the UV rays can change its colour.

Choose the right material

The life span of the furniture depends on the material these pieces are made of. Aluminium features high durability, iron furniture is extraordinary durable if treated well to prevent corrosion. Pine is a soft type of wood that is less durable than other types thus is less expensive, mahogany is hard wood as is quite popular because of its resistance to shrinking, rotting, swelling and warping. Rattan is hard to break but can fray with time and plastic comes with less durability compared to other materials but is less costly to replace it.

Look for pieces with quality construction

Construction is something you need to pay a close attention. Quality construction means durable outdoor lounge furniture that will stand the test of time. Screws should be made of stainless steel or brass so they can stand against the rust. Durability may also come from the wooden dowels and pegs that are made to hold the pieces in place. If furniture pieces are held together by glue, they will need no long time to become apart.

Consider weatherproof cushions

Cushions and pillows are integral parts from outdoor furniture making it more stylish and comfortable. Because your new furniture will be exposed to different weather elements, consider the material of the cushions. Synthetic materials like acrylic are mildew resistant and breathable allowing cushions to dry more quickly. There are also pillows and cushions made with special fabric designed to block UV rays.

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