Top 5 Best Drinking Games

There is nothing better than an old drinking game, even though the popularity of social-media is bigger than ever. The addicts of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram often forget to have fun with a group of friends, simply because they are dazzled into their screens. These awesome and best drinking games can bring people together in a fun way, with only some alcohol and simple purpose. These games will bring fun even in your most boring conversations and provide some unforgettable time. The pleasure of watching a friend drinking his/her fifth glass of beer as a consequence of his/her bad playing is one-of-a-kind. Low-budget, easy to play and more fun than your usual night outs, these easy drinking games are all you’ve ever needed to laugh till you cry.

Use any of the following 5 best drinking games and you are guaranteed a great time.

Power Hour

Power hour

Call it a drinking game or drinking marathon, Power Hour can get you really drunk in only an hour. This drinking game is a perfect way to start a party and it can be played by as many people as you want. Its rules couldn’t be simpler: you and all the other players must take a shot of beer for any minute in an hour. Check out who the drinking hero of your group is, the one who will successfully drink his/her way through the 60-minutes drinking marathon.



Sixes is one of the simplest and easiest drinking games you can find, yet one of the most addictive ones. To play this game, you will need a dice and 6 half pint glasses, numbered from 1 to 6. The 6 glasses can contain beer, other alcohol or be empty, it’s up to you. In turns, all of you throw a dice and find the glass that matches the number of the dice you’ve thrown. If the glass contains beer or other alcohol, drink it, but if it’s empty, you can fill it up with as much beer as you want. Once your turn is over, pass the dice to the next player and so on.


quarters best drinking games

Quarters is a classic game for drinking, included on any list of must-play fun drinking games. Simple, easy and fun, all that this game requires is 2 quarters, 2 shot glasses and an empty mug. The game can be played with as many people interested in playing and the ultimate goal is to bounce a quarter off the hard surface into the opponent’s drinking glass. If you succeed, instruct any player to take a shot from the mug and earn yourself one more chance. If you fail, pass the quarter to the next player on left.

Red or Black

red or black

Red or Black is one of the most fun and good drinking games for two people. For this game, you need a deck of cards and a plenty of alcohol. To start the game, draw the top card of the deck and make a prediction if it is red or black. If you guess your card correctly, it means no drinking. If your guess is wrong, drink! Then, the next player draws and guesses, and so on. Red or Black can only end when you’ve had enough alcohol.



Indeed this is a silly, but one of the best drinking games, but it can be very fun if you are not in a condition to talk a lot. All of you sit around a table with a coin in your hands. One player starts the game by tapping his coin on the table, once for the play to go right and twice for the play to go left. If the first player taps the coin twice, the person on left must then tap once or twice. Every player that makes any kind of mistake, which will happen very often, must pay the drinking penalty.

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