Top 4 benefits of drinking water with lemon

Importance of drinking water with lemon

Drinking water with lemon is very healthy and vital for you. In the morning, first thing you should do after you wake up, it’s strongly recommended to drink 1 cup lemon water to start your digestive system. Drinking water with lemon in the morning also helps in cleaning the liver and this is because the lemons are good source of potassium, phosphorous, citric acid, calcium and magnesium.

Benefits of drinking water with lemon

Benefits of drinking water with lemon

Lemons are full with vitamin C, B and P, fight bacteria and infections and they are also used to cure cold sores, boils on the skin and acne. Some people are drinking water to lose weight as the lemon water is in their regularly diet. If you are fan to the lemon, you should try to drink water with lemon. You haven’t read the healthy benefits of drinking water with lemon yet?! Proceed:

Supports and boosts the immune system

As a great source of antioxidant vitamin C, lemons are great for fighting colds. High in potassium – stimulates brain and nerve function, and also helps control blood pressure. The vitamin C found in lemons contains anti-inflammatory effects and is used as complementary support for asthma. And, the ascorbic acid enhances iron absorption in the body (the iron plays an important role in the immune system).

Clears skin

The free radical damage is responsible for symptoms of aging and the vitamin C is very good in fighting against them. Lemons components decreases blemishes and wrinkles and help you to keep your skin clear. Actually, you can apply lemon water directly to your scars or age spots to help reduce their appearance.

Aid digestion

It is known that the lemon juice helps you to flush out the unwanted materials, well, so do and the lemon water. Believed to stimulate and purify the liver, the lemon water is traditionally understood to support digestive hydrochloric acid in the stomach further aiding digestion. Lemon water encourages the liver to produce bile, which is a required acid for digestion.

Helps with weight loss

Regarded by many professional nutritionists, drinking lemon water helps you with weight-lose. Lemons contain properties favorable to weight loss and also promotes quick burst of energy. The principle works proportionally, the more lemon water you drink – the faster you will lose weight. Lemons are also high in pectin fiber and that helps to fight hunger cravings.

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