Types of Flooring Hospital Need

In order to avoid additional risk, harmful injuries,unexpected accidents and spread of diseases, hospital environments must have properly cleaned floors. One word that comes in mind, once the word hospital is mentioned, is hygiene. Why, because hospitals are places where multitude of people enter and leave, every day, 24/7.

Healthcare vinyl flooring

Maintaining clean floors is of essential meaning, because bacteria normally gather on them and the risk is twice as big if they are not cleaned properly and constantly. On the market today, specific materials can be found and used to make hospital floors easier to clean. Hospitals can choose from the wide range of different types of flooring, but one that is growing in popularity nowadays, is the healthcare vinyl flooring. Purchase one from a reputable online Australia site, and experience the benefits.

Resistant floors

The saloons and hospital corridors are always busy with people, therefore, the tiles that are going to be used, have to be extremely resistant to various forms of usage. Non-slippery tiles are fist on the list of floors that the hospitals need to consider. Doctors and nurses use many substances, like iodine, that in general is easy to clean, but sometimes they use other stronger liquid medications that are not easy to remove and may leave hardcore stains. Applying water resistant flooring can assist in solving the stain problem.

Classification of flooring

What is the main role of floors? The main role of floor is to provide horizontal, clean and strong surface, specially designed to bear super-imposed loads. The floors can be classified in two groups, hard and soft ones. In the group of hard flooring are included,concrete, terrazzo, marble, brick, wood, ceramic tiles and other, and on the other hand, the soft ones are presented by vinyl flooring, linoleum, and PVC.

Every hospital department needs specific flooring

In hospital corridors low-density carpeting is mostly used, because this type can help patients who walk and roll of equipment and carts, to move easily. Hospital’s lobby go well with ceramic tiles, porcelain and terrazzo. Even though these options have high price tags, it is worth every hospital to invest in them, to avoid extra accidents and injuries. But in general, nowadays, modern hospitals opt for vinyl flooring, because the interesting fact behind this floor is that it comes in large sheets that have welded seams for infection control and does not have joints between the floor and the wall. It can be purchased on the market in different colours, designs and styles. And at the end,what makes this floor ideal solution for hospitals is its resistance to water, it is also prone to scratching and scuffing, extra durable, simple to maintain and can be removed and replaced in no time.

Colours of flooring

Hospitals are places that need light colour flooring, because that way the stuff that is in charged for cleaning can easily identify stains and dirt. Patients can experience better mood if the room, where they spend certain time during their health treatments, has natural light flooring under the bed.

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