Unique Backsplash Ideas Which Will Make Your Kitchen Look Unique

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking at quick makeover ideas to brighten up your kitchen design and add a bit of personality, then a backsplash is one area that requires close scrutiny. A bit like using jewellery to complement your outfit and give it a finished look, snazzy or simple backsplashes can bring your whole kitchen look together and help it to reach its full potential. Read our quick guides below to help you find the material and color your kitchen deserves.

Unique Backsplash Ideas Which Will Make Your Kitchen Look Unique

Unique Backsplash Ideas Which Will Make Your Kitchen Look Unique

Galvanized metal

Metal backsplashes tend to be of the stamped variety but instead you could use a sheet of flat galvanised metal to give a modern and clean statement to a country kitchen.

Subtle marble

Marble looks fabulous if you’re installing new white kitchen cabinets into a kitchen which is predominantly white. The gray veins give visual interest and also add some fun and warmth into what might otherwise look a little clinical.

Reclaimed wood

Designers talk about adding texture in kitchen remodeling and this can be done effectively with the use of reclaimed wood as your backsplash. Salvaged wood not only looks rustic and charming but it also gives a way for eco conscious renovators to recycle existing materials.

Budget friendly black and white

Black and white is a classic combination which never goes out of style. If you’re on a budget then try using white subway tiles with black grouting, to give a look that is sophisticated and extremely affordable.


Some people steer clear of concrete because of maintenance issues but provided it’s waxed and resealed on a regular basis it makes a fabulous backsplash for an industrial look.


Companies like Everstone offer modern 3D glass in bubble designs which look incredible as backsplashes and will make a real style statement in your kitchen. Very resistant and easy to keep clean, glass is a surprisingly good choice for a kitchen backsplash.


If you’re fortunate enough to have an exposed brick wall in your kitchen then why not make use of it as a backsplash. Set against wood kitchen cabinets it just oozes with rustic charm and warmth. Remember, however, that you’ll need to seal the brick as it is a very porous material.

Tongue and Groove

Tongue and groove is another way of using wood as a backsplash and looks great when it’s painted white to match your cabinets or in another color to complement them.

Mini Mosaic

Mini mosaic is a good way of adding a backsplash which is guaranteed to give unique appeal to your kitchen. Available in a wide variety of colors you can plan out your own design to inject personality into your kitchen.


Try scouring your local tile suppliers and you’re bound to find many that supply large medallion designs which work really well in the space above your stove. Guaranteed to give a sophisticated feel, they work well in traditional kitchens.

Take a search online and check out design magazines and you’re bound to be inspired. Unique backsplashes are a quick and easy way of owning your kitchen and giving it the wow factor.

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