Used Utility Vehicles: Preventative Maintenance Tips

As with any type of vehicle, preventative and regular maintenance is of utmost importance for utility vehicles. The preventative maintenance is a responsibility of the owners and drivers of utility vehicles and it is something that needs to be done without a second thought. To keep your utility vehicle working smoothly, you must regularly check the oil, the oil filter, the engine, the tires and all vehicle parts to ensure each is functional. However, maintenance takes some time and it can be very expensive in a long term, which is why many owners don’t pay attention on it.

Utility Vehicles

Regardless of the brand, both new and used utility vehicles should come with owner’s manual and service schedule, which need to be followed. If you own a used utility vehicle, the importance of maintenance is even bigger. After few years of operating, the parts start wearing out and the service need arise, along with the service costs. There is only one way to minimize those expenses – keep to your preventative maintenance with the following tips:

Check The Brake System – Since brake system is the most important feature of used utility vehicles, it should be the first thing you will check. Check the brake fluid and replace it or add as much as needed at the manufacturer’s specified intervals. Utility vehicles are able to travel with over 45 km per hour, so the braking system is definitely the most important safety feature and needs to be regularly maintained.

Check Under The Hood – To extend the life of your used utility vehicles and make the operation easier and smoother, keep the air filters and intakes clean. Regularly check, clean or replace the engine air filters, as well as the breather filter, because they are important for proper operation. When the hood is already opened, check the air intake lines and throttle body flange for any leaks or repair-needs. Also, don’t forget to replace the engine coolant at the manufacturer’s established intervals.

Check The Front And Rear Suspension And Steering Components – There is a saying “A comfortable worker is a productive worker”. With that said, you should be comfortable in your utility vehicle, but the rough terrains or heavy duties can steal the comfort away from you. To bring back your comfort, inspect the front and rear suspension and steering components and see if there is a need for any repair work. Tighten up or replace the non-functional parts to ensure a comfortable ride and smooth operation.

Safety is absolutely paramount with used utility vehicles. Check every single part of your utility vehicle and repair or replace any damaged or missing one. Check all the lights, check the tires, ensure the seat-belts are functional, check the wiring system and the throttle as well. Regardless of the difficulty of your application, preventative maintenance of the entire utility vehicle is a must.

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