Ways to Expand Your House

All people want to live in roomy space. Know some tricks for expanding your space can help you manage your home space better. Choosing the right furniture, placing the furniture correctly, using the right painting colour and lighting solution can expand your home space largely.

Expand Your House

Multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture can make full use of space in your home. Sofa chair with storage function can help you store some out of season clothes or books. High box bed has the same function with it. Bunk bed or bed combining the function of wardrobe, bookcase, desk and chair is popular choice for family with kids. Need sleeping furniture in office or during travel, folding bed is the right item for you. It is convenient to carry, easy to assemble and disassemble. And the key for choosing it in these situations should be it will not take too much space. You can store in a corner when you do not need it. Murphy bed is furniture that suit for room where there is need for bed but it must be invisible when the room owner does not use it. The design of Murphy bed shows the perfect combination of furniture and space. Wall mounted furniture is another popular idea for expand space.

Unit furniture

For home owner of small space, they may prefer small furniture in their home. In fact, unit furniture with the right size and well planned can fit into small space too. The integrity of unit furniture can make your home feel well organized and bigger. If the small furniture with different shape, size, material and colour do not match and organized well, you room will look messing.

Furniture placement

The reasonable furniture placement can release your space; make your home look more attractive. Corner is the most common place for furniture. Most people think that placing furniture against wall can leave more space out and make the room larger. This is wrong. Leave some space between furniture and wall makes your space more pleasing to the eye. Do not block your eyesight by large furniture. Make sure you can see the whole room when you get into the door. People may have the thought of separate the space with furniture. This is a good idea. For example, if you want to have dining room and living room in a small space, furniture with the function of bookcase and wine cabinet can be used to divide the space.

Bright colour painting

Dark colour will narrow your space visually. It is suit for big house that want to make the space. For space want to look larger, bright colour can satisfy your need. Light blue, green, yellow and creamy white plays well in visual magic. Choosing the same painting colour for ceiling and wall has the effect of open up space. This does not work well for large house. The same colour in ceiling and wall will make your home look dull. If you want to lower your ceiling, do not paint the ceiling with white.


The idea of install mirror on wall can be tracked back to 70s of last century. Mirror not only can be the décor for your home, but also can expand the room size. This way is used in many public areas like shopping mall, hotel and restaurant. The design of mirror has been diversified. You can choose a special designed mirror to personalize your home. Mirror also can help people maintain good manner in dress and behavior.

Lighting solution

Lighting is important in our home. A room with bright light is larger visually than a room with dimmer light. So install lamp with high intensity in your home. Choosing the right lighting solution according to your room space can make add score to your interior design. Recessed fixture is more suits for small space, especially for space with low ceiling. For home with high ceiling, pedant fixture can add level to your space. Landing lamp can take space and make your room crowded. So avoid using it when you want to expand your space. Except artificial light, natural light play the role of lighting up your space in the day. Large window with the right window treatment make your room bigger in the day. French window allows you to touch sunlight uttermost.

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