What an Exhaust System Can Do for Your Nissan

Although Nissan is a motor company known to produce vehicles that are beautiful, inspiring and efficient, there is plenty of improvements that can be done to their vehicles in terms of torque and horsepower. That is not to say that their vehicles are of low quality, but like all other car and truck manufacturers, sometimes they choose affordable alternatives when it comes to some parts such as exhaust systems.

Aftermarket performance Nissan exhaust systems can increase the power of your engine. These systems are build to allow a more efficient path for exhaust gasses to escape, so the engine can ‘breath’ better and air and spent fuel can get out of the combustion chambers faster. When more fuel and air are burned, more power is created.

Nissan Exhaust Systems

But there are many other reasons for you to want to install an exhaust system in your Nissan vehicle. The main one is the subtle yet distinctly aggressive change in the exhaust note. The majority of enhanced systems are only slightly louder than stock exhausts, but they deepen to a low ‘growl’ during acceleration.

In the production of Nissan exhaust systems, two types of blends are used and each one differs in the ways air flows. The traditional factory-made systems use a ‘crush-bend’ technique. With this kind of process, a crinkled area is created in the pipes, which decreases the diameter and slows the exhaust gasses. A performance exhaust system, on the other hand, is smooth. This means the pipe features a constant diameter through the bend and that there is less resistance. The result is more efficient airflow and increased performance.

Material is another factor to consider. Factory exhaust systems are usually made from mild steel, material which can deteriorate over time. Performance exhaust systems are made from stainless steel and aluminized steel. Aluminized steel can last longer than manufactured exhausts but stainless steel system can last much longer – usually for the life of the vehicle.

Another thing to consider is the diameter of the pipes. Most Nissan vehicles benefit from slightly large piping, but going too big can actually compromise the vehicle’s performance. However, when adding a supercharger, consider going much larger than your stock exhaust.

When purchasing a performance exhaust system for your vehicle, think first how you use your car or truck. Featuring larger tips and highly polished mufflers, these systems will not only increase your vehicle’s performance and sound but will also provide a more refined, aggressive look to your car or truck.

Whether you are looking to enhance your vehicle’s power, appearance or sound, the right exhaust system will change your vehicle for the better.

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