What Gear You Need for Diving Deep?

Diving is a fun and unique experience that lets you discover a whole new world of wonderful creatures, explore their natural habitat and appreciate the magical beauty of the ocean. If you plan to spend your summer diving and exploring the wonders of the ocean now it’s the perfect time to equip yourself with the necessary diving essentials. You can’t really enjoy your time spend underwater and focus on the beauty of the vivid marine life if you’re not safe and comfortable and for that you need proper diving equipment that is efficient, easy to use and of course is the right fit for you. Newbie divers often find it a bit daunting to buy diving equipment. When you are just starting out you naturally don’t really know what would work best for you and what’s worth buying and what’s not. To help you make the right purchase I have put together a few must-have pieces of diving equipment that you would need to safely enjoy your underwater adventures this summer.

diving equipment


A quality mask should be first on your shopping list when you decide to buy diving equipment. It’s crucial for both safety and comfort. You wouldn’t want a leaking mask that would compromise your safety and cause you discomfort, so make sure you get one that suits the size and shape of your face. The right mask should be comfortable to wear and enable you to see clearly underwater. Most models are made from soft, silicone materials and more softness means the mask would seal easily without much pressure.


The main function of the BCD (Buoyancy Control Device) is to control or adjust your buoyancy when diving. This means that you can use it to properly ascend and descend underwater. It also has the purpose to keep the air tank safely attached to your body and is also know as diving vest or jacket. The main parts of the BCD include air bladders, inflator, deflator, adjustable band and pockets. The inflator and deflator are used to add and release air where as the adjustable band is designed to hold the diving tank in place.


The fins are designed to give you more speed and control when diving and protect your feet from rocks and coral. Comfort and fit are the two essential features to look out for when choosing fins. There are two basic types: open foot and closed foot models. Open foot models are great for divers who want to dive deeper where the water is colder since they can be worn with different types of dive boots that keep the feet warm and protected. Closed foot fins, on the other hand, are lighter and easier to use than open foot ones making them ideal for beginners. They are designed to mold perfectly to your feet and don’t require you to wear any kind of dive bots or slippers.


The snorkel is a simple yet very important piece of equipment that can have a great influence on the comfort and efficiency of your dives. The snorkel you choose should have a mouthpiece that fits properly and seals easily, all this will allow you to make a tight seal with your limps around it. There are three main types of snorkels: standard tubes, dry top and lower purge valves. Standard models have simple design and need great airway control therefore are most often used by more experienced divers. Lower purge valves are designed to prevent water from getting into your mouth by trapping the water that enters the snorkel and releasing it from the bottom. Featuring a float at the top, dry top snorkels are designed to prevent water from getting into the snorkel.

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