What You Should Know Before Buying Swimming Pool Cover

The winter in around the corner, the sunny days are gone, and you come to the point when you think which cover will be an ideal solution for your backyard pool? You certainly do not want to leave your pool unprotected, that is why you should choose a type of cover that is appropriate for the size of your pool, and that can prevent leaves (from trees or flowers), twigs, insects, and other waste, to fall into the water, which later on, will make it harder to clean. Besides these significant factors, pool covers can also maintain the water temperature and can reduce water evaporation.

Pool covers

If you want to change or to buy a new pool cover then you have to keep in mind that its price vary due to the material that it is made of and the function that it serves. Searching on the internet you can find cheap pool covers available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours.

Before you make your decision, it is good to arm yourself with the right information of the various types of swimming pool covers on the market.

Cheap pool covers yet very useful

Solar pool covers or better known as solar blankets are the latest innovation of a good swimming pool protection. These plastic bubble wrap covers are environmentally friendly because they keep the water warm, and at the same time, conserve it by using the energy from the sun; the pool owners won’t need to use a pool heater to warm the water at the beginning of every summer season nor will have to be afraid of water loss due to evaporation. They float on the pool’s surface, can be easily removed, and when you stop using them you can roll solar covers onto a reel.

But there is one disadvantage if you choose to use this type; they are not safety covers (especially if you have kids or if you keep pets outside of your house) and cannot keep windblown debris out of the pool.

Prevent leaves but allow water to pass through

This type of simple pool covers are called leaf nets, they are designed to prevent leaves, twigs and any other waste to enter in the pool, and yet they allow the water to pass through the open-weave because their nets are usually made of polyethylene or polycarbonate materials. Practical to use and very easy to remove. Disadvantage; they are not safety covers and cannot be used for longer period of time if they are not maintained well or if the weather conditions damage them.

Allow your children to play freely near the pool area

Safety pool covers feature a design that can prevent kids and pets to accidentally drown in the pool, or to protect heavy objects to fall into the water causing cracks or other damage to the pool tiles. The material of which these types of covers are made is a solid polyethylene or tightly woven mesh. They also come with stainless steel springs, straps, and recessed brackets; that is the main reason why they are among the most expensive versions.

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