What’s the Difference Between an Orthodontist and a Dentist?

Who doesn’t want to have Angelina Jolie ‘s smile? Teeth perfectly aligned and in the perfect shade of white, a smile so bright that she blinds cameras every time they take a picture of her. Even though a smile like that costs a lot of money, it doesn’t mean you should give up on achieving that ideal: healthy, clean, perfectly aligned, white teeth. Do you need to visit a cosmetic dentist for that purpose? It depends. The first check-up will set the diagnose and determine whether you need to visit a dentist or an orthodontist. There’s a lot of confusion among people about the difference between these two terms. Here’s what you need to know to distinguish them.

Orthodontist Dentist

In both cases it takes a lot of studying and a lot of practice. After obtaining their bachelor’s degree, both profiles need to apply to dental school and be accepted. Once in, a 4-year long doctoral program must be passed and then a long dentistry practice begins. After finishing this practice, dentists earn one of the two titles: D.D.S. (Doctor of Dental Surgery) or D.D.M (Doctor of Dental Medicine) .Up to here, you are a dentist. To become an orthodontist, a dentist must go through a 2-3 years long residency at an University affiliated program of orthodontics approved by the state. After finishing this program, an orthodontist will obtain a license for practicing orthodontics by a state dental association, and will tag his name to one of the two titles D.D.S. or D.D.M. and also add M.S. or Master of Science.

A dentist takes care of your overall oral health; diagnoses, treats and manages all aspects of oral health. This means that, if you need a check-up, an X-ray of your teeth, a simple cleaning procedure, removing or repairing your teeth, filling cavities and similar, you’d go to your dentist. A dentist will also have a few other employees with him that will take care of the x-ray, the cleaning and other simpler tasks as help for the dentist. And if the dentist diagnoses a problem or a condition that requires surgery, he will sent you to a licensed orthodontist.

An orthodontist or a cosmetic dentist, will use techniques and procedures for teeth alignment and to make space for new teeth to come out freely. As a cosmetic dentist, he will determine whether you need wires, braces, retainers or other corrective devices to strengthen teeth and retrain mouth muscles.

Have one thing in mind; one bad tooth can cause a domino effect in your mouth. Preventing this domino effect and taking really good care of your pearly whites is the first step towards achieving the Angelina Jolie smile.

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