Which Hearing Services an Audiology Center Provides?

Hearing damage and hearing loss are not uncommon in Australia. Statistics show that there are more than three million people in Australia affected by some kind of hearing loss, which means that one out of six persons in the country struggles with certain hearing disability. You might ask: What is the cause of that big number of people afflicted by problems in hearing? Truth is, the most common cause of hearing loss is the age. In fact, three out of four seniors in their 70′s live with some kind of hearing loss.

Adult Hearing Test

Unfortunately the number of younger people diagnosed with a hearing loss or damage is continuously growing. The main reason for this is prolonged exposure to loud noise (around 40% of all the hearing loss in younger individuals is addressed to noise exposure). Furthermore, there are certain autoimmune diseases, infections, viruses and medications linked to hearing loss.

For preventing or treating hearing loss, the most reliable option are the hearing services, provided in the audiologist centers. There are different types of hearing services, which are classified mostly depending on patient’s age and the hearing loss symptoms. In brief, here are some of the most common services a typical audiology center provides.

Adult Hearing Test

The adult hearing test is recommended for the persons over the age of 60. The purpose of this test is assessing the hearing abilities of the adult patients. It can be performed as a preventative measure for seniors, or as a method of diagnosing potential hearing loss issues. The hearing test is performed by audiologists specialized in the field. The audiologist conducts the test by performing the following testing steps: Hearing history examination; Visual examination of the ears; Examination of the inner ear; Pure tone air-conduction hearing test; Bone conduction testing.

Children Hearing Test

As its name implies, the purpose of the children hearing test is assessing children’s hearing ability. This hearing test is not among the most commonly performed hearing services, but is highly recommended for children (from 4 to 8 years) showing symptoms such as: sadness, frustration, anger, exhaustion, withdrawal or misbehaving. All of these symptoms might be a sign of hearing loss disorders in children. For this reason, reacting as soon as you spot such symptoms is essential for preventing potential hair loss issues from advancing and getting worse.

Workers Hearing Test

The most common group of younger people, afflicted by some form of hearing damage or loss are the people working in noisy environment. Some of the industries characterized by extremely noisy environment are construction, transport and manufacturing. The workers hearing test is intended for workers who are exposed to high-frequency noise for a prolonged period during the day. The purpose of this kind of hearing services is to early diagnose hearing issues or prevent such from happening, by determining adequate preventative treatments or usage of certain hearing aids.

Pre Employment Hearing Test

Some work positions in Australia require a proof that the potential employee has excellent hearing abilities. The most common pre employment hearing assessment is performed for people who aim for a work position in Aviation, Police force and some industries. Most of the audiology centers provide this type of hearing services.

Providing Custom Made Earplugs and Prescribing Hearing Aids

Aside from assessing patient’s hearing abilities and diagnosing a type or degree of hearing loss, it is audiologist’s duty to offer a solution for the diagnosed problem. Depending on the results from the hearing test, the audiologist decides what kind of therapy would work best for improving the condition. For instance, he/she might prescribe certain hearing aids or provide custom made earplugs for further hearing protection.

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