Why Aussies Are Attracted to U.S. Property

The last couple of years investing in foreclosures have become popular in Australia. This process has started since the economic crisis of 2008 when many people in the USA lost their properties and could not pay their mortgages. Recently a couple of Australian investors increased their activity into the foreclosure market buying and offering USA properties to Australian citizens. While many individuals are jumping into investments on their own, many seek specialized real estate agents to guide them to their final destination.


Why do people invest in the USA?

Australians have just began to understand that investing in the USA properties can lead to high profits by rewarding annual returns up to 20%. At the moment, properties all around the USA can be acquired at low prices with the market set to grow throughout the coming years. Nevertheless, the chance of earnings has a narrow interval and every setback will diminish the potential profit to be made.

Why would you gain by investing in the USA?

  • The USA is the wealthiest country in world and the leading force of the world economy, therefore, making it the perfect place to invest.
  • The USA is friendly to non-US investors, giving them great opportunities and no restrictions whatsoever.
  • You can buy a property that is worth 10 times more than what you paying for. For example, you buy a property that is worth $80.000 and the real price is over $300.000, making a profit from the start and with the economy recovering soon this value will come to realization.
  • When you buy properties with U.S. dollars automatically you will gain a profit because of the low value of the Australian dollar.
  • Australians with property in the USA may account trips to the states as business expenses and will get lower taxation by the Australian government.

Things to do before you invest in the U.S.

  • Create an account with a bank that usually deals with international transactions.
  • Compose a limited liability company so that has the opportunity to do purchases through a corporation.
  • Research all the tax law and regulation in the U.S. and employ certified public accounted.

What happens when you own a USA properties?

After you have bought a US property, by following a couple of guidelines you can make a swift and fast transition. Generally, Australian investors investigate the market in a couple of U.S. locations and search for specific properties once the process has initially begun.

Investing in USA properties can give you profit, a place for your holidays and pay your children’s college education. It is very simple, the only thing you need is to make the decision and then be patient, your investment will grow.

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